no fee's. no commission. no bureaucracy. no bullshit.

Who we are


Years in business


We've been doing what we do for three years. In that time we've gained invaluable insight into the market which naturally forms the customer base on sites like this. As Crident grows to encompass more games, so will Crident Store.

Communities hosted


We know your market better than you do - it's our job. We take care of the marketing and traffic acquisition, getting your scripts in front of people you might not have otherwise had access to.

Why you should sell on Crident Store

What we do

No fee's or commission


That's right! We're charging absolutely no fee's to sell or buy scripts on Crident Store. There will be absolutely no need to spend money to sell scripts on our platform.

No bullshit & red tape


We're designing Crident Store to be as easy as possible to use, with as minimal moderator intervention as possible. Instead of approving individual scripts, we'll be approving individual authors.

Get more sales


Using the Crident brand we can help you tap customers who might not have felt comfortable using third party websites with spotty reputations.

What it look like

Work in progress